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By C. R. Wylie Jr.

ISBN-10: 0486203670

ISBN-13: 9780486203676

Clear up homicide difficulties and robberies, see which fishermen are liars and how a blind guy can determine colour — simply via reasoning! Hours of mind-strengthening leisure.

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Given that the luoshu occupied a position of central importance within Chinese spiritual and metaphysical thinking for a period of over a thousand years, just what was its significance to the Chinese people? What did they see in it? qxp:OC Luoshu rev 5/8/08 11:11 AM Page 19 3 Yinyang, Wuxing, and Key Numbers in the Luoshu Nine and five have special significance in the luoshu; nine represents the total number of cells in the luoshu array, and the number five occupies the important central position in the square.

Then, in order to carry out the monthly ordinances as specified in the Book of Rites, the emperor had to circumambulate the complex in a clockwise direction so that he occupied a different room, or part of a room, for each month of the year in succession. Each of the rooms bore thrones facing an open window. The corner rooms of the complex contained two such thrones each. From these thrones the emperor offered his prayers for the month in the direction of the open window. 9 In large part, astronomical beliefs determined the general layout of the Mingtang temple and the emperor’s path to the twelve locations.

1. The numerals are written on the basis of fives: 1, 2, . . 5, 5 and 1, 5 and 2, . . 1 Similarly, when the bead abacus was introduced in China during the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644) to replace the counting rod scheme, a total of 10 within a vertical column position was obtained by manipulating two, 5valued beads. 9 On a mathematical note, in the sequence of numbers from 1 to 9, 5 holds the middle position. Thus, conceptually, symbolically, and operationally—the number 5 represents the center. It occupies the “middle position,” designates “balance,” and institutes a link that holds the other numbers in the sequence together.

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