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A Lexicon of Greek own Names deals students a complete directory of all named members from the traditional Greek-speaking global. the data wanted has been compiled from all written resources, literary, epigraphical, papyrological, and numismatic, inside of a chronological diversity from the 8th century BC to nearly six hundred advert; the geographical limits fit using the Greek language in antiquity, from Asia Minor to the Western Mediterranean, the Black Sea to
North Africa. With the current quantity, LGPN strikes into Asia Minor (modern Turkey), to the parts of Pontos, Bithynia, Mysia, the Troad, Aiolis, Ionia, and Lydia. Asia Minor is especially attention-grabbing because it differs from such a lot different areas lined up to now in its ethnic and cultural range. own names
are recognized in abundance from just about all cultures to be present in this region, and so they for this reason play a well-liked position within the examine of ethnicity and acculturation.

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94:3, 107, 126e. – LENZ 1995, no. 116, pl. 5:3. – WEDDE 1999, 471, 474 no. E5. Note: The pyxis dates to local Sub-Protogeometric IIIa, which is contemporary with Attic Middle Geometric I. 6 Lefkandi, Skoubris, South Gully Fill (Fig. 29). Krater, body sherd. Part of ship. – POPHAM – SACKETT – THEMELIS 1979/80, 267 no. 918, pls. 274, 284:11. – POPHAM 1987, 357. – CALLIGAS 1990, 78, fig. 2. – WEDDE 1999, 471, 474 no. E3. Note: Date as Lefkandi No. 5. 7 Lefkandi, Toumba, square XVI (Fig. 30). Krater, body sherd.

1) recalls earlier vase representations which show the same type of ship (Argolid Cat. no. 2; Messenia Cat. no. 4). Horses (Attica Cat. nos. 1–3) and birds (Phthiotis Cat. no. 1; Euboea Cat. no. 4) are traditional motifs, but their rendering bears no relationship to earlier representations. The animals are highly stylized, with their long legs and tail and spiked mane. Drawn entirely in silhouette, they are the first in a long series of Attic horse representations. The ship, horse and bird are used as single motifs and not as part of more complex pictorial compositions.

4 after BENSON 1970, pl. VIII, fig. 7 after BENSON 1970, pl. VIII, fig. 9 after PAPPI 2006, fig. 1 Pictorial Pottery of the Latest Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age Fig. 21 after LENZ 1995, fig. 20–21. Fig. 22 after POPHAM – SACKETT – THEMELIS 1979/80, pl. 106 Fig. 23 after LENZ 1995, fig. 22 Fig. 24 after BASS 1963, pl. 83, fig. 15 Fig. 25 after BENSON 1970, pl. IX, fig. 2 Fig. 26 after BENSON 1970, pl. IX, fig. 1 51 Fig. 27a–b after BENSON 1970, pl. XXXII, fig. 4 Fig. 28 after POPHAM – LEMOS 1996, pl.

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