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By Ehud Ben Zvi

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This quantity comprises revised models of papers awarded on the 2006, 2007, and 2008 conferences of the eu organization of bible study as a part of the actions of a study Programme dedicated to the learn of “Israel and the construction and Reception of Authoritative Books within the Persian and Hellenistic Periods,” and a few extra contributions. the elemental query that the quantity explores throughout the diverse techniques and questions raised by means of the authors is what will we research via having a look into the concerns of biblical Hebrew linguistics, rhetoric, sort, and beliefs in regards to the manufacturers and readers of those books. What do they train us approximately those literati’s international of data and mind's eye, in regards to the matters that they had in brain and the ways that they got here to house them via authoritative literature? The inclusion of views drawn from linguistics during this dialog is very invaluable, given that they can be absent from this kind of dialog. hence, the booklet comprises essays on such concerns as no matter if linguistic theories can remedy literary-critical difficulties, on what's “late biblical Hebrew,” on parallelism and noun teams in biblical poetry, and the communicative which means of a few linguistic offerings. There are reports on elements of language, variety, rhetoric, or ideology within the books of Genesis (in specific ancestor ideology), Samuel, Jeremiah, Nahum, Esther, Ezra (1-6), and Nehemiah, in addition to at the reconceptualization of YHWH Sebaot as YHWH Elohim. Philippe Guillaume, Jean-Daniel Macchi, Robert Rezetko, Dalit Rom-Shiloni, Francesca Stavrakopoulou, Ian younger and the 3 editors contributed essays to this quantity.

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III. BABYLONIAN EXILIC IDEOLOGY IN THE BOOK OF JEREMIAH To narrow somewhat the search for traces of Babylonian exilic ideology in Jeremiah, I have focused this paper on prophecies of consolation: Jer 3:14–17, 18; 16:14–15; 23:7–8; chapter 24; chapters 30–33; and passages within chapters 50–51. These prophecies have attracted a great deal of scholarly attention. Textual, linguistic, literary, thematic, historical, redactional, and comparative criteria have been employed to distinguish the early prophecies, which are said to be among the earliest in Jeremiah’s career, and which are placed side by side with (later) prophetic passages that resemble Ezekiel, Deutero-Isaiah, even Nehemiah, in style and themes.

32 RHETORIC, IDEOLOGY, STYLISTICS, AND LANGUAGE ideological arguments of continuity and entirety, together with annexation of traditional (and legal) conceptions of possession of the land. Before discussing other prophecies of consolation to the Remnant of Judah, a glance should be given to prophecies of consolation addressing the Babylonian Exiles. 2. Inclusive Babylonian-Exilic Perspectives A different strand among the prophecies of consolation in the book of Jeremiah may be understood in the framework of the Babylonian exilic situation.

This is another example of the reversal of judgment and consolation. ‫ רחם‬in a positive context occurs in Jer 12:15 as well. 64 65 GROUP IDENTITIES IN JEREMIAH 39 unknown among the prophecies of Jeremiah,68 but is well recognized in Ezekiel (Ezek 36:16–32) and in Deutero-Isaiah (Isa 48:9). It is almost impossible to differentiate early and late themes in this list of characteristics. The decisive argument in favour of a notion of secondary adaptations of Jeremian prophecies by Babylonian Repatriates is this mixture of (at least) two layers within prophetic passages of consolation.

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