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By William R. Scott

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Fourth variation. this is often the most recent version of a truly renowned guide that's utilized in school rooms world wide to help scholars studying to learn the Hebrew Bible. It encompasses a basic and simple dialogue of the masoretes, the masoretic culture, the serious equipment of BHS, the Masora, the accents, strange letters, and different markings. It includes an index. The fourth version additionally comprises an appendix "Introduction to BHQ" by way of Harold Scanlin.

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Primarily they are musical (or cantillation) marks, but they also indicate accentuation and semantic division. Pages 35-36 below discuss the musical values of the accents. This and the following two paragraphs discuss accentuation and semantic division. Although not properly accent marks, paseq, maqqep and metheg are related to the accent system in differing ways. These marks are discussed on pages 5-6. " The disjunctive accents are usually on the last word of a phrase, clause, or other semantic unit.

These tables are provided as a matter of convenience for those students who may be interested. Most students will find little value in attempting to remember the names of all the accents, although they may benefit from perusal of these pages. For more detailed information on accents, read Wickes, Yeivin articles 176-357, and Gesenius section 15. Disjunctive Accents of the Twenty-One Books Group 1: xxx silluq Identifies the last accented syllable of a verse. Only one servus {mer ka ). e xxx A 'atnah r (or atnach or etnach).

The conjunctive accents are often referred to as servi (servants) for the disjunctive accents. Some disjunctive accents may take only a limited or specific number of servi. " Note that in the following tables, the number of permissible servi are usually indicated for each disjunctive accent. Often, the type of servi which may be used are also indicated. In these cases, there is no relationship between the number of servi which may be used and the number of types of servi which may be used. For instance, fbir may have up to four servi, but this does not mean that each one of the four conjunctives listed must be used with each occurrence of fbir.

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