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By P. E Vanzolini

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A flechette burst had ripped his tough skin; his blood looked altogether human. Floyt and Alacrity, weapons ready, squatted next to Seven Wars. He was barely conscious, clutching a deep wound in his side. "See what you can do," Alacrity said. Extremely jittery, he went to make sure the immediate area, at least, was safe. Even so, he spared a few intrigued glances for the piles of research equipment. Seven Wars came around a bit, his craggy head resting on Floyt's knee. He pawed feebly at a big, bulky pouch on his harness.

I'd heard that you've been known to attend them. " "A splendid and noble man to be sure, Your Excellency. " Amarok asked without much optimism. Redlock's response was flat. "They don't. They want to attend the Grapple and perhaps receive some guidance there. Naturally, if it is in the least inconvenient for you to suggest anything, dismiss it from your mind altogether. Deputy Minister Nightweather informs me that the trader Munificent of Tillman Quendal is due soon. " Amarok took the plunge with a completely believable smile pasted across his wide face, Alacrity had to grant him that.

Alacrity waved a hand around the cuddy. "This just isn't going to do, Amarok, and you know that. How long before we get to our next stop? Fifty hours? " " Merde alors! You don't expect us to sit in this coffin that whole time, do you, shipmate? " Amarok bridled. On someone his size, it was rather scary. "This is Someone's ship. " "Ah, but nobody helps you run it either, right? You've got this whole crate automated and you're a one-man crew. Well, we can bear a hand. Stand watch in the control room.

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