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By Sir John Templeton

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The culture of agape, or unconditional love, isn't really particular to anybody faith. truly, it's a significant underlying precept present in religions around the globe. the idea that of altruistic love is one who demanding situations the non secular individual to like your enemies, or to like with no considered go back. it's a love that flows out to others within the kind of compassion, kindness, tenderness, and charitable giving.

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To the bhakti yogi, compassionate love is the highest vehicle to union with God. As one works on purifying motives and being of service, a higher state of consciousness results, and agape follows as a natural expression of this state. In pursuing God, one 53 Love alone will abide thee. —T A M I L P ROV E R B 54 becomes more like God, and agape follows as a natural consequence. We can learn from Hinduism that spirituality is a two-way path. The desire to look inward inevitably produces an outward manifestation of selfless love for all creation—agape.

In doing so, we become ambassadors of agape. 41 Hinduism Such power as I possess in the political field has derived from my experiments in the spiritual field. —G A N D H I I N H I S AU TO B I O G R A PH Y Hinduism The introduction to this book points out that most of the world’s great religious traditions contain some version of the Golden Rule, which urges followers to treat others as they want to be treated themselves. Some scholars have observed that according to the Hindu Laws of Manu, the ten duties all must carry out—regardless of class or stage of life—can be summarized by the Golden Rule.

T E LU G U 46 P ROV E R B or that the self is ultimately inseparable from the whole, lays a firm foundation for agape in the Hindu context. Because all human beings are in some sense one, and indeed because all of creation is one, the only way to treat others is with respect, kindness, justice, and compassion. An excerpt from the Brihad-Aranyaka Upanishad illustrates this principle: Not for love of the husband is a husband dear, but for love of the Soul (Atman) a husband is dear. Not for love of the wife is a wife dear, but for love of the Soul a wife is dear.

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