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By Usha Sanyal

ISBN-10: 1851683593

ISBN-13: 9781851683598

Introduces the mythical chief of the good 20th-century Sunni circulate.

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Zaman, 2002: 68) The point that the curriculum of the Dars-i Nizami was more rather than less flexible before British influence made itself felt is interesting and worth noting. ) However, if the purpose of the Dars-i Nizami was to train Muslim bureaucrats to work in the Indian Muslim states in the late eighteenth century, the political instability of the Muslim successor states made the princes rather undependable as patrons for prospective qadis ( judges in Islamic law courts) or muftis (‘ulama qualified to issue fatawa [sing.

The madrasa at Farangi Mahall became a center for learning on a par with the Madrasa-i Rahimiyya. Unlike the latter, the Farangi Mahall madrasa focused on ma‘qulat or rational studies. Francis Robinson, who has made an exhaustive study of the Farangi Mahall ‘ulama, shows in detail the differences between the curricula followed by the two madrasas. Where the Madrasa-i Rahimiyya emphasized hadith, the Farangi Mahall curriculum emphasized grammar, logic, and philosophy (Robinson, 2001: 46–53). The Farangi Mahall ‘ulama believed that knowledge of these sciences was “crucial to the study of legal theory and jurisprudence (usul al-fiqh) and of theology (‘ilm al-kalam), and expertise in them helped make many ...

1831). 044 10/12/2004 5:11 PM Page 32 32 AHMAD RIZA KHAN BARELWI Entitled Taqwiyat al-Iman (Strengthening the Faith) and Sirat al-Mustaqim (The Straight Path), the first was published in Persian, but soon translated into Urdu, while the second was actually written in Urdu. The central theme of the Taqwiyat al-Iman is the claim that the Muslims of the time had deviated from the principle of tawhid, strict monotheism, by a number of objectionable practices representing a form of shirk (associationism or polytheism, the opposite of tawhid).

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