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By A. B. Bosworth

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During this examine, Bosworth appears to be like at Alexander the Great's actions in vital Asia and Pakistan, drawing a bleak photograph of bloodbath and repression reminiscent of the Spanish conquest of Mexico. He investigates the evolution of Alexander's perspectives of empire and idea of common monarch, and records the illustration of Alexander by means of historians of antiquity. The ebook is directed to experts and normal readers alike.

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62 Arr. i~6 = FGrH 139 F 54. Cf. Berve ii nos. 101,618. The story is repeated by Plutarch (AI. 3-5), who claims that information was given against Apollodorus; according to Aristobulus he voluntarily confessed. Plutarch follows a tradition different from Aristobulus, in which Apollodorus was actually incriminated (so Hammond, Sources 142). The version of the story in App. BC 2. 152. 639-40 is an elaboration of Arrian (see now K. Brodersen, Klio 70 (1988) 463-4), and naturally adds nothing of substance.

Simpson, Historia 6 (1957) 504-5; Hornblower, Hieronymus 125-6. 28 The Shield of Achilles native irregulars. It was sixteen months before they were finally overrun by direct assault. These men were dangerous and none of them more than Alexander himself. He was no rearguard general. Indeed it could almost be said that where two or three were gathered in his name, there was he in the midst of them. He gloried in battle and killing, and had an awesome proficiency in the technique of slaughter. 79 The act of killing meant little, and it can be shown that the level of violence escalated as a direct response to resistance during the grim campaigns in the north-east and India.

See in general V. D. Hanson, The Western Way of War (New York 1989) 25; Hoplites 3-5, 125. 71 Xen. Anab. 5. 6. 13: 'expert because of their practice' (dia zrjv zQiprjv ixavovg). Xen. Anab. 4. 3. 2. Small-scale skirmishes are attested at 4. 1. 7, 11-12, 18, 24-8, none involving any serious casualties but cumulatively exhausting. Later {Anab. 31) he comments that the armament of the Carduchi was only appropriate for hit-and-run tactics in the mountains, not for close combat. 73 Xen. Anab. 3. 5-9, 4.

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