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By Brad Steiger

ISBN-10: 0441015719

ISBN-13: 9780441015719

Paperback booklet relates eye witness alien conferences by way of quite a few humans.

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The most economical rates could be achieved by being part of an industrial or employee group. For farm families, FUA locals were used as the basic entity for the organization of an MSI group. To be accepted as an MSI entity, FUA locals had to be prepared to do some of the administrative tasks. The FUA local was required to collect a three-month reserve from each member in addition to at least one month’s premium at the time of enrolment. In this way, if a member was away at the time the subscription was due, the reserve could be used instead of having the contract terminated.

The study of farm organization, conducted by the committee established by the Alberta Federation of Agriculture (AFA), released what became known as the Cameron Nesbitt Platt Report at the 1964 Alberta Federation of Agriculture annual meeting. Although the Farmers’ Union of Alberta (FUA) was in the midst of considering an offer of amalgamation with the National Farmers’ Union (NFU), this report recommended amalgamating the FUA and AFA. The recommendation was made, even though many of the key participants in the study and the organizations themselves had expressed reservations about such an action.

Arnold Platt suggested that an all-encompassing program of education and training be undertaken using the FUA structure of local organizations. The Farmers’ Union and Co-operative Development Association (FU&CDA) was formed in August 1959. Coincidentally with these developments, a centre for youth education and training was established at Goldeye Lake. 10 Nelson was born in the Usona district in 1910 and farmed at Gwynne and then Brightview in the Usona district until 1978. He graduated from the Olds School of Agriculture with an agriculture diploma in 1928.

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