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By Gerhard Seel, Jean-Pierre Schneider, Daniel Schulthess (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3110168790

ISBN-13: 9783110168792

Ever for the reason that Aristotle's recognized argument in regards to the sea-battle the next day to come, there was extensive and debatable dialogue between philosophers no matter if the reality of statements in regards to the destiny results in determinism. Ther e is controversy approximately Aristotle's personal option to the matter, in addition to the perspectives of classical and medieval commentators on Aristotle. Seel's ebook makes an attempt to reply to this question for the Neoplatonist Ammonius (5th-6th century AD). In so doing, he additionally opens up new insights into Neoplatonic suggestion.

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As we shall see, they argued that sentences about future contingent events are either true or false, but not definitely so. They tried to show that deterministic consequences would follow only if all assertoric sentences were either definitely true or definitely false, but in fact some Cp. Cicero, Fat. 19 quod ita cecidit certe casurum, sicut cecidit, fuit; Fat. 27 ut praeterita ea vera dicimus quorum superiore tempore vera fuerit instantia, sic futura quorum consequenti tempore vera erit instantia, ea vera dicemus.

So, since these sentences contain only two terms, the subject term and the predicate term, and also the relation of the predicate term to the subject term, and nothing else besides these, it is absolutely necessary that the divisions of these too are based either only on the subject term or only on the predicate term or on the relation of the predicate term to the subject term. I am talking about the relation according to which the predicate term either always holds of the subject term, as when we say 'The sun moves' or 'Man is an animal', or never holds , as when we say 'The sun stands still' or 'Man is winged', or sometimes holds and sometimes does not hold, as when we say 'Socrates walks' or 'reads'.

30; ed. sec. 1. For Ammonius see In Int. 34-1553. Cp. H. ; D. Frede 1985, 75. Cp. N. Kretzmann 1998,36. Future Contingencies: The problem and its possible solutions 35 given time every sentence eventually has exactly one of these two truth values, true or false; and so at any time at which it does not yet have one of those truth values it has the disjunctive property either-true-or-false. 58 It only means that the values true and false "exhaust the possibilities of which one is to be realised for each such proposition".

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