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By Henry E. Dudeney

In issuing this quantity of my Mathematical Puzzles, of which a few have seemed in periodicals and others are given the following for the 1st time, i have to recognize the encouragement that i've got obtained from many unknown correspondents, at domestic and in another country, who've expressed a wish to have the issues in a gathered shape, with many of the ideas given at higher size than is feasible in magazines and newspapers. even though i've got incorporated a number of outdated puzzles that experience the area for generations, the place I felt that there has been anything new to be acknowledged approximately them, the issues are broadly speaking unique. it truly is precise that a few of these became well known during the press, and it truly is attainable that the reader might be completely satisfied to grasp their source.
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I was born in Manchester, England, on May 22, 1959, to an Irish Catholic immigrant family. My father was a hospital porter and my mother was a librarian. When I was young, while other kids my age were listening to pop, I became obsessed with 1960s girl groups, Marianne Faithful, Timi Yuro, and Sandie Shaw and was also fascinated by the soap opera “Coronation Street,” James Dean, and Oscar Wilde. After passing three O-levels at Stretford Technical School, I briefly worked at the Inland Revenue, collecting taxes, and then decided to leave and concentrate on my music.

Find the opposite words for the 10 following words. The first letter has been given as a clue. 1. honest: d 2. big: s 3. soft: h 7. closed: o 8. frequent: s 4. courageous: c 5. good: b 6. thick: t 9. young: o 10. Which are the two synonyms in each word series? 1. excellent great flawless fantastic perfect 2. sadness resentment disgust grief fear 3. omen magic astrology witchcraft jinx 4. pitcher bottle flagon recipient decanter 5. alphabet missive writing letter parcel 27 — E A S Y e x e r c i ses — Muscle Groups Sort all the words in the list below into four categories and then give each category a title.

18. 9. 19. 10. 20. cre cli fa den bed za ding so pot to ner role ches coun room board ra part 47 — medium exercises — Lateral Rows For each row, circle which of the three words is spelled correctly. 1. kosher kosha cosher 2. dossent docent docant 3. mooze moozze moose 4. numb num numm 5. heddonism hedonism hedonnism 6. claster clustor cluster 7. macaber macabor macabre 8. bizarre bizzare bizare 9. brue broo brew 10. humble humbble humbel 11. backbored backboard backbord 12. verticol vertical verticul 13.

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