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If everyone of us has a different personal wavepattern,. a w~v~pattern which is for ever in a state of expansion and contr~ctlOn, ~t IS for each one of us to say quite independently when hearIng a pIece of music-'it is great music for I sense think ~nd feel it to be so'. ) Beware of those busybodies who go around telling you what you should feel,. and when you still don't feel it they tell you why you should feel It, and how you should feel it; they write long programme notes and newspaper articles about tlus work and that perfonner.

Your brain is reeling with the pounding. JIlSlstent feedback. The most insignificant acid thought becomes more and more acid, it takes hold of you and will not leave you alone. The greater you concentrate on these thoughts the worse they get. How do we stop the feedback before we head towards madness? With the tape recorderwejust turndown the playback volume knobbut in the human brain that requires a lot of self control. So if it is too difficult to stop the concentration the best thing to do is to divert the concentration on to another subject and hope that this alternative subject will not overload the recording system with the same dire results as before.

Could tape feedback be in some wayan analogy of brain response? Could this "ll second be not only the time taken for the stimulation to travel along the nerve fibres, but also include the time for it to be 'recorded' and 'played back'? Is there a feedback system so that a thought, resulting from an external stimulus, or a thought resulting from internal reasoning, is retained for as long as it is allowed to feed back? We have, probably, little control over the original 'record [evel', for we cannot anticipate the extent of this original stimulus, but we probably have great control over the p[ayback volume.

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