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Tyrants are greater than simply the antithesis of democracy or the mark of political failure: they come up according to social and political pressures. amassing jointly writings by means of top historians, political theorists, and philosophers, this e-book is a comparative examine of the autocratic rulers and dynasties of classical Greece and Rome and the altering options of tyranny of their political notion and culture.

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Magdelain notes the change in procedure between the early and the ‘Etruscan’ kings recorded by Livy and Dionysius. 17 Although he fails to note the tradition that Tarquinius Priscus, the ‘Etruscan’ king par excellence, undergoes an election with interreges, his belief that the take over of the last two kings is more authentic seems reasonable, since it is difficult to accept many aspects of the tradition on the earlier regal interregna. 6-10; cf. 20 It is reasonable to assume that the patres and other representatives of the community played a part in the interregnal procedure of the regal period, and the concept of acclamation may also be genuine.

37 Ducetius’ support from the charientes in the Syracusan assembly again suggests he had personal relations with members of the Syracusan elite. His exile to Corinth and subsequent return show him to be a true native Alcibiades, able to smoothly negotiate Sicel and Syracusan political milieux. Archaeologically the presence of Greek drinking vessels associated with the symposium has often been marked as an indicator of Hellenisation. The bulk of inscriptions in native languages are scratched on sympotic vessels; this phenomenon has been noted at Morgantina, Castiglione, M.

1). It is often assumed that Tarquinius Priscus, as the first monarch of the so-called ‘Etruscan’ dynasty, comes to power in a manner at odds with this established practice. 1), while an interregnum is also implied by Cicero (Rep. 35) in the earliest surviving continuous account of the Roman monarchy. 2), and once in power, he enrols his own supporters in the senate. Apparently, then, he bases his power on popular rather than aristocratic support. Oddly, Servius, the founder of many of Rome’s political and religious institutions, is the first king to take power contrary to the ‘constitutional’ procedure.

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