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By Kristalyn Shefveland

ISBN-10: 0820350257

ISBN-13: 9780820350257

Shefveland examines Anglo-Indian interactions in the course of the belief of local tributaries to the Virginia colony, with particularemphasis at the colonial and tributary and overseas local settlements of the Piedmont and southwestern Coastal simple among 1646 and 1722.

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When news of the arrival of northern Indians reached the Virginia Assembly, instead of encouraging trade with the Westo, it chose to remove them by mustering a colonial militia led by Colonel Edward Hill and assisted by Pamunkey and Chickahominy tributaries. The English motivation to do so likely reflected their desire to prevent incursions of nontributary Indians and possible threats to existing trade relationships, but they might also have been motivated by their tributary allies. The tributary Pamunkey, led by Totopotomoy, who had succeeded Necotowance as weroance, likely aligned with Hill to increase their control of the area south of the James.

Everett claims that Woodward was in Virginia at one point to investigate the Indian trade. In 1671 the Carolinian trader and Westo ally Dr. Henry Woodward traveled the same routes as Wood’s associates Needham and Arthur. Woodward was a truchement, or cultural broker, who had lived among the Indians of the Southeast, including the St. Helenas, a Cusabo group near Port Royal.

Drewe and Mr. Wyatt. 71 At the same time, other counties began issuing more licenses as the demand for Indian servants rose. While the record indicates a growing number of licenses received, it also highlights concerns over English settlers using Indian labor without a license. Overall, indentured children had contracts that lasted until they were anywhere from twenty-four to thirty years of age, despite rules stating that the age limit was twenty-five. The length of indenture typically obligated the adult Native for five or six years, but the Anglo master could legally lengthen the indenture to anywhere from twelve years to life.

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